Deven Parekh Reports Insight Venture Partners Investment in Campaign Monitor

Deven Parekh, by way of Insight Venture Partners, has announced the company’s investment in Campaign Monitor. Launched in 2004, Campaign Monitor is an international leader in SaaS -based design and email marketing methods. Insight invested US$250 million in this company. This is Campaign Monitor’s first round of financing.

Mr. David Greiner and Mr. Ben Richardson are Co-Founders of Campaign Monitor. In excess of one hundred thousand paying customers in 170 nations count on Campaign Monitor to manage their email marketing. Campaign Monitor is a major email marketing option for leading global companies, creative agencies, as well as high-growth businesses.

Insight and Deven Parekh work to locate, finance, and work productively with forward thinking executives who are driving change in their respective industries. Mr. Parekh and Insight provide these businesses and their executives with practical, hands-on growth expertise to cultivate long-term success. Deven and Mr. Nikitas Koutoupes (Insight Venture Partners Managing Directors) as well as associate Mr. Dan May, will join Campaign Monitor’s Board of Directors.